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Fealty cover

The Crown of Seasons series.

Oh, hello there, wanderer. You have entered the folkloric world of L.A. Christensen. Here there be faerie knights and dragons, vampires and man-eating ondines, shape-shifting cats, prophecies, and murdered queens.

The Crown of Seasons series is being written and released one drop of ichor at a time. You can follow its progress on Patreon or purchase the short stories and novels here as they are released to the public.

I would say ‘enjoy your stay,’ dear reader, but I fear your trip through Faerie will be a mite too uncomfortable for that. Still, you will find friends and allies here as well as enemies and hearts that yearn and bleed.

This is Faerie, after all.

Once, there lived Four Seasons….

The Crown of Seasons is a folkloric fiction series inspired by French and Germanic folklore and the medieval 1200s.

coming home short story cover
“Coming Home,” prequel short story

An orphan struggles with grief and discovers friendship.

with sword in hand short story cover
“With Sword in Hand,” prequel short story

Madel discovers what “the power within” truly means.

fealty cover
Fealty, prequel novel

Abend is invited to a masquerade…but can she survive?

missives from the beyond


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